The devil is in the detail! Our parts are remanufactured with a careful attention to details, to exact match genuine obsolete parts in every aspect.

We used particular attention in the development of our parts in term of material and colour*, for this reason our plastic trim panels are made in thermo moulded mass-dyed polystyrene, like genuine ones, in the correct Palomino beige colour.

The plastic material replicates also the lightly grained surface and the finishing grade and machining of every single part are done to let them quick and easy to install too!

This, not only allow every customer to restore or repair his Range Rover Classic with ease, but also to keep it at a very high standard level and as close as possible to its originality.

Our partnumbers contains a reference that corresponds to OEM Part Number to allow you to check in a genuine Land Rover – Range Rover Parts Catalogue the exact part you need for your car.

Our current offer covers following products:

Footwell trim panels:

Seatbase trim panels:  2 doors and early 4 doors models

C pillar trim panels:

VIN plates:    

  • Suffix A to C models
  • Suffix D to F models
  • Prefix AA   
  • Prefix  BA  


New Parts

*Colour in the photos can appear darker or lighter than real. Parts you will get match perfectly Palomino beige colour.

Should you need any further detail or contact us for a collaboration, contact us at: