Keeping a legend alive!

The Range Rover Classic represents one those few samples in the car manufacturing industry of how a car engineered and developed with heart and not only on drawing tables, have become a landmark in the motoring history.

Is sharing the same passion and enthusiasm with friends and collectors that, after years of studies, research, investing time and energies, I decided to start this small business, and start remanufacturing obsolete parts. Remanufactured with the maximum attention to details to reach the highest standards of originality and fulfill collectors’ and restorers’ expectations….or, if possible, exceed them!

Here you’ll find our current parts catalogue. Some are still under development (some are a real treat!) and we will unveil them as soon as possible.

Our products are currently distributed in collaboration with:


*Part numbers of distributor may vary from part numbers of our catalogue

For any additional information about our parts don’t hesitate in contacting us!